More About Lisa

From the early days of spending summertime in the garden with grandma, Lisa has been enamored with the beauty and happiness flowers bring. Many days were also spent shopping the farmers market, canning, and learning to sew. She draws inspiration from her old school kitchen time, nature, her love of vintage, design, and all things colorful. 

Lisa has a fine art degree in printmaking lending to her established textile line, artgoodies. She also has a long time online vintage brand, Vintagegoodies. Her keen eye and knack for design has led to multiple home, product, and vintage collection features in many national magazines. She has also contributed to several collectible books. She continues her love of gardening with her husband, Stephan. Together they've turned their tiny city lot into a grass free urban sanctuary full of perennial and vegetable gardens. They lovingly call their space 007acrefarms, and it is also a certified wildlife habitat. When they're not tending plants, Lisa and Stephan are on the hunt for fantastic vintage finds!

In regards to floral, Lisa has done dried and silk floral design, worked at greenhouses, a wholesale florist, been holiday help at traditional florists, styled and designed weddings and dreamt of more ways to sneak floral in for years. Dabbling in floral design for over 25 years, she keeps landing back at the same place. There's no better time to offer much needed beauty and happiness. Brewing for so long, and created so quickly, Flowergoodies was born. 

Lisa is happy to invite you along to shop and enjoy all her favorite things!