News about Valentine Flowers

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News about Valentine Flowers

I'm thrilled to offer these 3 stunning varieties of Fair Trade roses this Valentine's Day! Aren't they so gorgeous and unsual!? I love offering amazing varieties you can't get just anywhere!

Here's some news: We just learned of some industry shipping delays so we're keeping you updated as info comes in. I chatted with my supplier earlier today and he said there aren't enough planes to move the sheer volume of flowers this year, and he's never seen anything like it!

SO, here are the details. The middle variety, the Maggi Rose is delayed and scheduled to arrive to us Saturday, as soon as we get them in we'll have a better idea of the release time. We planned to pre-order but we want to make sure we have tracking in hand that shows up they're getting close, so we're holding off until we hear more about their exact arrival. Expect availablitiy on these Sat afternoon or Sunday, yes we are also open Valentine's Day proper for pickups.

BUT, the other 2 gorgeous varieties are on the move and should still be on time for our 4 pm purchase launch Friday. If anything changes, we'll let you know right away! For now, we're sticking to releasing those bouquet varieties and quantities for purchase here on the site at 4pm, Friday, Feb 12th.

What a strange time, and we thank you in advance for your patience, support, and understanding as we launch this business, this Valentine Collection, and work through any wrenches that get thrown into the system causing confusion. 

Much Love, 

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